am I the only person who isn’t phased by Beyoncé?

I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist I am so glad you exist

fire in my heart; I can look right in your eyes.

you cannot even understand the nerves flowing through my veins; I won’t set my heart on it until I get a 300% positive

I’m so excited for the beach on Wednesday. It feels so much better to just live and not care about uni deadlines or have to stay up late trying to please tutors; I am in the process of loving myself don’t interrupt me.

I cannot explain the thoughts in my head; the pain that is passing is nothing compared to the joy that is to come

I am excited because I am making ramen tonight with all the organic goodness I picked up this afternoon and I cannot contain myself. also the cute boots and dress I literally just ordered yesterday arrived this afternoon I have never been so impressed by the postal system till today.

my mood can change before I take the next breath. I’m sorry to everyone who has to put up with me, I’m trying to sort it out but it’s hard.

to that guy hollering at me as i was running, i hope your penis falls off when you’re sleeping and your balls shrivel to the size of grape seeds.

I’m sorry but I’m going to have to stop believing your words unless they are backed up by actions.

my secret ingredient to life is garlic butter

I feel like if I moved to NY and get into the art scene as an artist, when I meet art collectors at events if I just slip in the architect bit they’ll ask me to design their house and that’s how I’ll get to design lots of cool stuff as a sole practitioner.

I love how pretty much every architecture australia publication only features guys.

my next appointment isn’t until next week Friday and I don’t know how I’m supposed to hold on until then because it is taking every single ounce of energy in me to keep going but I need to hang on because I need to sort this out

steps to recovery

Get up. Do not sleep for 30mins more, just get up, put some sneakers on and go outside. Run or walk for as little or as long as you want, only don’t come back home until you are awake. When you’re back do not climb into bed again, make yourself a coffee, sit down, read a book. Read something different, don’t let your mind wander, just sit and concentrate. Read. Learn. When you are calm, go to your study and work. Listen to your neighbors playing their music. Dance, it’s fun. Purse your lips like the sassy girl you are and imagine yourself at the club. When you’ve had enough, work some more. Go downstairs. Make yourself food. Eat. Don’t worry about calories. Just enjoy the food. Breathe easy. Smile a little more today. Keep your head up and don’t slouch your shoulders.