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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou | 2004 | Wes Anderson

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it’s truly amazing how some white women get so threatened when a black woman is shining. 

y’all say male egos are weak, but let’s try the ego of a white woman when a black woman is garnering a lot of positive attention. 

watch how suddenly they want the rules to change. gone is the solidarity that a woman’s body is her own, oh no, not for black women. now she needs to cover up and speak less.



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What do you guys think of this?

What do you guys think of this?

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Swimming Pool (Paris, 2012 - Present).

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cultural appropriation is putting fireflies in a jar

and letting them light up your bedroom

as you drift off to sleep.

and when you wake up all the lights have flickered out

but only when you’re older do you realize

you slowly suffocated them so

that you could enjoy their glow.

that just knocked the breath from me

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This is one of the most insulting things that I have ever seen, it makes me so mad I actually want to cry. I can’t believe magazines think that they can just dip a woman in brown paint, give her clothes from my culture to put on for a couple hours and then have audacity to call her an “African Queen”. Growing up I heard every joke about Africans and saw the negative stereotypes portrayed by the media that tried to make me feel so bad about where I come from. Yet Ive noticed when fashion magazine want to do spreads portraying poise and exoticness they often turn to Africa ( and many other foreign continents/nations) proving time and again that Africa is more than the negative images you see in the media)  but this time, to try and take parts of my beautiful culture just to have white women play the role of an “African Queen” proves that beauty cannot be seen in our countries/cultures unless it is represented by White people. 

I honestly hate white people so much.

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4amgirls asked:

Lol what's some characteristic traits of a fuck boy?! 💁


a fuck boy

  • complains about stretch marks or pubic hair 
  • his tumblr archive is a sea of racially ambiguous women and pictures of weed
  • expects u to suck him up for like 5 hours but eats u out for like 2 seconds
  • his twitter and instagram is full of transphobic and misogynistic shit
  • he does music and it’s garbage but he swears that he got bars
  • he texts u shit like ‘when u gone see me?’ or ‘send me a pic’
  • he got that fuck boy hair cut 


me walking in school:


me walking out of school:


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*listens to arctic monkeys for the first time*


*5 minutes later*


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